Urban Hens 101 Classes – Spring 2013

What is Urban Hens 101??
An informative, educational and interesting two hour class teaching the basics of urban hen-keeping, including:
• Housing
• Feeding
• Health Management
• Behavior
• Family Dynamics with other pets and children
• Egg Expectations… and lots more!

When/Where: Upcoming Class Dates
(or contact us for a class engagement at your location)
• March 11 Monday – 6:30-8:30PM – at Rocky Mountain College (Moreledge-Kimball Hall, room 119)
• March 16 Saturday 10AM-noon – at ZooMontana (Conservation Center)
• March 28 Thursday 6:30-8:30PM – at Rocky Mountain College (Moreledge-Kimball Hall, room 119)
• March 30 Saturday 10AM-noon – at ZooMontana (Conservation Center)
• April 27 Saturday 10AM-noon – at ZooMontana (Conservation Center)
• May 11 Saturday 9-11AM Early Bird – at ZooMontana (Conservation Center)
• May 25 Saturday 10AM-noon – at Forever Families (1411 4th Avenue North)

Why: An educated public is better able to care for their pets! Additionally, Magic City Hens believes in promoting a sense of community; connecting hen owners, veterinarians, and service/feed/housing providers is one of our primary goals. Get your questions answered and find out hard facts on what to expect with these vastly beneficial, healthy, fun new backyard additions!

How: This two-hour class is $15/person or $20/family. Suitable for adults or well-behaved children . RSVP via our Facebook page at Magic City Hens, call TJ at 371-5161, or email MagicCityHens@hotmail.com. MUST receive RSVP confirmation prior to attending class.


Classes & Permits!

Urban Hens 101! Our fun and educational 2-hour class has some dates coming up quickly. Contact TJ at HensInTheBackyard@hotmail.com to register! $15/person or $20/family.

Oct 11 Thursday 7:30AM Early Bird
Oct 18 Thursday 7PM
Oct 20 Saturday 10AM
Nov 3 Saturday 10AM
Dec 1 Saturday 9AM
Location will be announced, but will be Billings area! Class sizes are limited, please RSVP ASAP! (‘>

PERMITS: October 10 marks the date that the City of Billings will begin accepting applications for Urban Henkeeping permits. Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter is the location!

Chickens 101!

This coming Saturday, March 31 from 1-3PM, Magic City Hens will again present “Chickens 101”. Selection, care, winter concerns, feeding, and eggs-pectations are all covered in an interesting, informative way.

This 2 hour class is being held this month at Harvest Church LOCKWOOD campus.

The class is $15/person or $20/family. Please RSVP to TJ at MagicCityHens@hotmail.com or 371-5161.

It’s All About Urban Food Production

The theme of our entry in the Billings St Patrick’s Day Parade this year is “Chicken of the Seeds”… it’s all about urban food production! Whether it’s a micro-flock of urban hens or a garden of any size, we are here to encourage people to be a little more sustainable and self-sufficient, get outside and enjoy our beautiful state while growing some of our own food.

We are passing out non-GMO, open-pollinated, heirloom seeds from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds (www.RareSeeds.com) as well as healthy, delicious microgreen seeds from www.GrowingMicrogreens.com! We encourage people to look into urban hens (for current issues, see http://BillingsBackyardHens.wordpress.com) for delicious, nutritious backyard eggs. You can grow in a sunny window, a container on the porch, a backyard garden, or one of the community gardens in town… any way you do it, we want to get people excited to get out there, and GET GROWING, BILLINGS!

Science Expo 2012

Did you know that Magic City Hens is sponsoring an award with the Billings Clinic Science Expo, held this year on March 23-24, 2012?


The award is for “Best Use of Eggs” for grades 1-3. BEST WISHES to all participants!


Rehoming Roosters, et al


Click on the link above to find an interesting story about a lady in Madison, WI who rehomes chickens, with some side information from the local animal control offices. Magic City Hens, a 501(c)3 non-profit formed for the support and education of urban chicken-keeping in the Billings area has a similar program in operation. In fact, since the Chicken Adoption program was implemented in July 2011 (just 8 months ago), we have already rehomed about 4 dozen chickens. Whether it’s a “straight run chick” who started crowing at about 3 months old, hens who needed a new home, or the rare abandoned fowl, Magic City Hens has volunteers armed with dog crates and know-how, who quickly and efficiently step in.

Nice to know that birds of a feather flock together! Urban hen ownership has proven itself, across the nation, to be handled responsibly. Power to the peeps! (“>

Chickens 101 Class!

This coming Saturday 2/25/12 from 1:30-3:30PM at Good Earth Market downtown, enjoy and learn at CHICKENS 101!! 2 hours of information for only $15. Learn breed selection, care, feeding, seasonal issues, and lots more about these fun and productive birds! Older children are welcome with a parent. Contact TJ at MagicCityHens@hotmail.com for more information or to sign up!!

Urban Hens 101 class!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

10:30AM – noon

Good Earth Market, 3024 2nd Ave North (downtown Billings)

Urban Hens 101: everything you ever wanted to know about getting started with urban hens, but were afraid to ask. Animal care (including winter/summer issues) and husbandry, eggs-pectations, breed selection, safety and security for your micro-flock. Fun AND educational!

Urban hen-keeping is sweeping the nation with at least 94 of the 100 largest cities in the nation now supporting urban chickens! Canada and the UK are likewise heavily pro-chicken as more and more people realize that eating healthy, sustainably, and locally can start in our own backyards. Garden? Why not have a micro-flock?

Class fee is $15

Please RSVP to MagicCityHens@hotmail.com or with TJ at 371-5161. RSVP early as we expect our Spring classes to fill up quickly – this is a great opportunity to spend the colder days of winter preparing for Spring Chicks!