Compost Relocation Program

While it takes 6 hens up to 3 days to produce the same volume of manure that a 40# dog produces in 1 (about 3/4 of a pound), they do produce it nonetheless. Luckily, chicken manure is not only very compostable, but highly sought-after fertilizer! When mixed with coop bedding (pine shavings, shredded newspaper, or straw), the ratio is excellent to compost quickly and thoroughly into nutrient-rich “black gold”.

Be that as it may, not everyone *can*, nor *wants to* get involved with home composting. And that’s where the Magic City Hens’ ‘Compost Relocation Program’ comes in.

Send an email to – within a day or two, you will have contact information for either a gardener, master gardener, community garden, or the Salvation Army’s compost production program. In some instances we may be able to come pick up your compost materials, but ideally we will ask you to bring them (they travel well in a plastic trash can with tight-fitting lid, or “rubbermaid-style” container) to drop them off at the donation location. And that’s it. Our composters will take care of the rest, and the compost will be used in garden production and/or beautification projects as needed. You have a clean coop, and we have compost in the works!

It is important that coop gleanings NOT be thrown into city waste receptacles. Not only is it, frankly, a waste of resources, it is also adding to the bio-mass and greenhouse gas production that the city of Billings is trying to control. Backyard hens should be part of the SOLUTION, not part of the PROBLEM! 🙂



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