Coop Photos

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Some examples of good urban coops. Notice that these are clean, enclosed, and predator-proof – as we are asking the city to permit!

Coops can match your budget, your house, your landscaping, your dog’s house, a vacation cabin, you name it. They can be customized with colors and trim. They can be built out of almost-to-entirely recycled materials. They can be permanent small structures or moveable “chicken tractors” within your yard. The city does specify a permit required for new structures over 120 square feet, however most urban coops (being designated for 6 or less hens) are more along the lines of 10-20 square feet with part of that being on the grass and part enclosed for a laying/sleeping box… in other words, about 1/3 to 1/2 the size of a child’s swingset.

Can you see one in your yard?


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